America's Next Top Model

Jaimie Trueblood/The CW

Oh, what?!

Relax. It's not the "bitch fight" we'd hope for on a reality show. It was all a part of this week's challenge and photo shoot.

But best believe, the ladies used all these activities as a way to release some much needed anger and aggravation that's been building up.

Here's what happened...

Charity Challenge: Guests Brittany Gastineau and model Julie Henderson joined Nigel Barker on the beach for the ladies' challenge. So what were they put up to? A nice little game of football. All the contestants were split into two teams, red and blue, and were joined by some NFL players who each had a specific charity they were playing for. 

Getting' Rough: With all the tension in the house lately, the girls were sure to use this challenge as a way to release frustration. Claws came out and models were gettin' elbowed and tackled left and right. Don't you love a mouthful of sand?! Yum.

The blue team ended up winning $5,000 to split between two charities that their pro ballers promoted. Of course, photos were involved, too. In the middle of playing, the girls had to pose and take pictures. Best photo went to Kayla who scored featured on Tyra Banks' website,, and some bling bling from Gastineau's jewelry line.

Bar Fight: For the photo shoot, supermodel Coco Rocha joined the set to be the middle man of a fight scene between two girls. How funny that feuding roomies Shannon and Bianca were paired together. Luckily, their issues with each other helped get a good shot. We learned that big-eyed Allison is not much of a screamer (that's Bre's department), and no matter how hood Angelea is, bring in a professional and the girl gets way too intimidated. But after a quick pep talk, she's back.

Kicked Out: After deliberation between the normal judges and guest judge Rocha, the panel decided that Dominique upped the ante and had the best shot, but Bre and Alexandria were bottom two. In the end, we had to say goodbye to Bre. Looks like Bianca will need to find another bodyguard-therapist for the rest of the season.

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