"Hot, Dirty Sex" Alert! We Go Behind the Scenes for Tonight's Grey's Anatomy

Exclusive scoop from the set, as the actor known as Owen Hunt steps into the director's chair

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 20, 2011 2:10 PMTags
Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Grey's AnatomyEric McCandless/ABC

"Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex."

This is what Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is hoping for with her on-screen squeeze Owen (Kevin McKidd) in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

We were on set for the filming, and can tell you the episode does not disappoint. Perhaps because Kevin McKidd is so good at contorting himself into at least two very different positions…

Actor and director!

What, did you think we were talking about some other kind of "positions," you perv?! (Well, there'll be plenty of that too, as Cristina and Owen embark on a sexathon that lands them in a few inappropriate settings, including a conference room, much to the chief's dismay.)

 "It really is rubbing your head and patting your stomach!" Kevin told us of pulling a double duty. "You're constantly thinking about the shot and how the camera's moving and how you're performing in the middle of that, but also trying to keep an eye on everything and also you can't keep an eye on it too much when you're performing because you have to get into your character. It's a definite exercise in mental focus."

Costar Jesse Williams (Jackson) insists Kevin is "amazing" at directing. "[He's] a smart guy and really patient and knows how to communicate what he wants. This scene actually he is the centerpiece of the scene as an actor as well, so he's doing both. He's calling action, doing his lines, calling cut, giving us notes, giving himself notes and going again. He's a very good multitasker."

So that's why Cristina looks so happy in the promos. (Zing!)

Our camera crews were invited to set to chat up Grey's hair, makeup and wardrobe specialists for a special behind-the-scenes segment airing on E! News. The girls also gave us some romance scoop (which we shared last week), and Kevin had this to say about where things are headed with Cristina: "It's going to get more interesting. I think the waters have settled a little bit, but you never know when the wind can change and the water can get rough again."

Jesse, meanwhile, hints that the Mark-Lexie-Jackson love triangle is only getting more intense. "I get to do a lot of scenes with Mark Sloane, Eric Dane's character. That's an interesting dynamic there with him, somebody who's the ex-boyfriend of my current girlfriend [Lexie], but also his attending surgeon, so kind of a superior, kind of a student-teacher relationship there as well, and just two guys, so there's going to be competition. Just macho crap that we all know and love."

Check out Kevin McKidd wearing a lot of hats, and very little clothing, on tonight's Grey's Anatomy on ABC.