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It's been a tragic scene in Ohio.

After Terry Thompson opened the cages for approximately 50 creatures in his exotic-animal park—including lions, tigers, monkeys and bears—letting them run loose in Zanesville, Ohio, before killing himself, stars are turning to Twitter to question the Muskingum County sheriff's department decision to shoot  the wild animals.

"I get the situation, but there's no way it was totally necessary to exterminate 49 loose exotic animals in Ohio," Slash tweeted.

Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba wrote, "So upset about what happened in OHIO!!! I think they could have tried a little harder to save the animals. It wasn't their fault. :("

"Did they really have to kill them?" Samantha Ronson asked.

George Takei tweeted, "Lions and tigers and bears escape from an Ohio preserve. Oh Myyyy!"

While Joel McHale asked, "Monkey w/herpes still loose in Ohio.Q: How do they know? Did dead owner leave a note? 'Monkey has herpes. Good luck!'"

Wildlife expert Jack Hanna also took to his Twitter and Facebook page to post, "I am so saddened by the tragedy in Zanesville, OH. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the Wilds and I are doing all we can to help the situation on the ground. As always, public safety has to be the first priority. Our team is hoping to assist in the safe rescue of as many of these animals as possible."

The sheriff's department handled the situation in the best way possible, according to Hanna.

"I'm sorry to say, but what the sheriff did had to be done," Hanna told ABC NewsDiane Sawyer. "Otherwise, we would have had carnage out here in Zanesville, Ohio."

PETA released a statement saying, "The shooting of dozens of exotic animals in Zanesville is a tragic example of just how wrong things can go when people are allowed to keep wild animals. PETA hopes that this will serve as a wake-up call to Ohio Governor John Kasich, who earlier this year refused to extend an emergency ban on exotic animals in the state that had been put in place by his predecessor."

The latest news is that there is only one animal still on the loose, a monkey infected with herpes B virus, according to the sheriff's office.

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