Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar

Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

Has Sarah Michelle Gellar gone Method?

The already murky plot of Ringer has kicked it up a notch, with one of the identical twins played by Gellar pretending to be pregnant, while the other one actually is pregnant. (You follow so far?)

And now there's a report out there that Gellar herself is pregnant with her and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s second child together!

Wow, that's a lot of real and pretend babies on the way. But is it true?!

No, it's not. Gellar is not pregnant (and as for her TV characters' situations, just watch the show, people).

"That is absolutely NOT true and there is no validity to this," her rep wrote to E! News of the National Enquirer report that has the duo hoping their so-called baby on the way is a boy.

Gellar and Prinze are currently parents to 2-year-old Charlotte Grace—and one little angel might be enough for now.

"My hat goes off to any working parent. It is the hardest to juggle," Gellar said in August. "I know my job is by no means the hardest in the world, but to any parents, again, it is so difficult because you're trying to focus so hard but you're always wondering, 'What's my child doing? Are they OK? Did they eat their lunch? Did they eat their vegetables? Did they take their nap?' It's how to separate both of them."

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