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Must 'fess, we've been très intrigued to see how True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello would handle the single life. Ya know, now that he's one of the hottest boob tube studs ever.

See, we wondered if Joe would lie low for a while after splitting with fiancée Audra Marie (the two were way cutesy together, after all) or if he'd enjoy his newfound status as a Hollywood heartthrob and play the field—à la the equally abtastic Ryan Gosling.

And it looks like the Gosling path it is.

Seriously, who are we kidding? We would date either of these men in an L.A. minute, so why should we be so surprised that women are flocking to them the second they become available?

But let's take a peek at the similarities:

Both were in long-term relayshes, both got super famous and both ended up unmarried.

Ryan Gosling was rumored to be engaged (and then unengaged and then reengaged again) to Rachel McAdams throughout their four-year fling. And he has openly claimed she was the love of his life. All together now: aww.

But when that ended, he started linking up for brief flings (and accompanying Disneyland dates, duh) will all sorts of A-list beauties like Blake Lively and now Eva Mendes. How deliciously manskanky, no?

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Joe Manganiello

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And we having a feeling Joe will play the field similarly.

Joe was engaged to also gorgeous Audra, but a date was never set for their big day and eventually the couple officially called it quits. Just like Ry, Joe was known to gush about his former leading lady.

But now he's single and more famous than he's ever been before. He's got drool worthy muscles and a big-screen career that's going to show them off (hello, Magic Mike). And while he's left on-set affairs so far to Alex Pettyfer, we figure it's only a matter of time.

After all, he was spotted hitting the beach with a leggy mystery blonde yesterday. Joe's campers were mum on just who the babe is, but we think his string of babes will only get hotter and more famous from here...just like Ryan!

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