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Who said second chances rarely come around?

Chord Overstreet, who played abtastic quarterback turned sexy gleek Sam, is coming back to Glee after just having famously (and somewhat controversially) shot down the mucho coveted season three invite in the first place.

Holy whiplash! So why do you think the dude decided to return to McKinley High?

We have our suspicions, but back to the facts.

No word yet on precisely what Sam will be up to when he makes his grand return to Limo, Ohio, (maybe he'll score some smooch time with Ms. Mercedes? Or continue is steamy romance with now bad girl Quinn?) but here's the real Q:

Has Chord finally seen the error of his ways?

In a somewhat confusing (and certainly shocking) turn of events, the fan fave Chord announced over the summer that he would not be returning to Glee. Some blamed Ryan Murphy, others blamed Chord, and the deets got very funky.

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Chord certainly didn't beat around the bush when vocalizing that he was bummed about not getting picked up as a regular tho.

So why the return? Could Chord not get a better job?

He landed a small part on another small screen series, and while we don't think the blockbuster offers were rolling in, he had a record deal in the works. So could it be that Chord's blondie head got a little too big for his britches and he got a mucho needed reality check?

Sound off below and let us know why you think Chord is coming back to Glee so soon after saying sayonara!

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