Kate Bosworth

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Breaking up is hard to do...but eating isn't.

And it looks like a certain starlet didn't get the memo that stick thin is no longer in! Kate Bosworth is defending her waifish figure to the London Times by claiming that she's simply naturally thin. Oh, and for good measure, she's blaming some other health related biz on her most famous ex BF.

But back to that waistline...

"Oh, I swear it's stress," Kate protested to the Times when asked about dieting. "I wish I could stop it, it's like a vibration you live in with your mind constantly, constantly going. Being thin is nothing to do with not eating. I'm like a whippet, I promise you."

We can't really blame the broad for being a little on edge though, her weight (or lack thereof) has been a major topic of discussion. We just think she needs to get back to that bangin' beach body she had during Blue Crush.

"Ask any of my boyfriends about my diet and they would tell you," she defended herself. "But I can't win in this situation, can I? I mean, when people hear that, they just want to go ‘Shut the f--k up,' right?"

Yes, please, shut the eff up! We're only kidding. But we think Kate might have a par-tick former flame she's pining over—and (shocker!) it's not Alexander Skarsgård.

Why else would K.B. bring up a five-year-old breakup? Of course, we're talking about now married Orlando Bloom.

"[The breakup] sent me into such pain, I think I had actual vertigo," Kate claims. "I was like, ‘Is this my new reality? Will anything be normal again?' "

Heartbreak can have some serious side effects, K, so we'll give you that one. It's certainly a better excuse for your shrinking dress size.

Relaysh troubles equal weight loss. We all know it—just ask Demi Moore.

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