Stacy Keibler, George Clooney

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
You have been mighty quiet on the ol' George Clooney-Stacy Keibler relationship. Thoughts after seeing them on the red carpet?

Dear Dating Down:
Hell, I never thought they'd make it this long together, but now they've trucked down two red carpets, that's a relationship eternity in Hollywood! But I'm still sticking to my Georgey guns and saying this relationship is as serious as all the other ones, which is, not very.

Dear Ted:
Why is everybody saying Blake Lively wanted to get married to Leonardo DiCaprio? Honestly, she doesn't seem the kind of girl who wants to get married, let alone so soon, and I never quite believed she and Leo would last. I don't care who broke up with whom, the thing is, they're both better this way. Don't you think so?

Dear Always a Bridesmaid:
Agreed, but how parfait does Mrs. Blake DiCaprio sound? Which is half the reason Blake just might be convinced to march her sure-to-be-divine tush to the altar. But despite swapping spit with her slew of H'wood hotties, Blake is looking to get serious, one day. Leo? Not so much.

Dear Ted:
As a self-professed sane mother who enjoys Twilight, do you think the insanity that surrounds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will ever die down? Would they have to leave Hollywood to have any form of normalcy? Also, for those posters that berate Team Truth about the spammers and cleaning up the boards, do what I have taken to doing: Don't read the crazy comments.

Dear Robsten Fever:
Sure, the hype will die down...eventually. Or they'll split and cause even more uproar. But remember, we've got until 2012 before Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters, so if the Mayans are right, the world might just end before the Robsten craze does.

Dear Ted:
How cool that Zachary Quinto came out of the closet, and in such a nonchalant way! He wasn't an actor I cared about before—as I'm not into the Star Trek franchise—but I'll be paying attention to his career now! As a straight female, I'll never understand the amount of strength and courage it takes for someone to come out, and then to do so in the public eye takes guts. Kudos to him; he just earned a new fan.

Dear Zach Attack:
Glad he's on your radar now, chica, ‘cause not only is Zachary totally kudos-worthy for his classy coming out, but he's a damn good actor, too. Hopefully he won't have a problem landing gigs now that he's very out and proud. But I don't think he will.

Dear Ted:
So who do you think ended up happier and wiser post-divorce in the end: Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt?
—Still Curious After All These Years

Dear Really?
Just look at ‘em. I think it's clear the answer is Jen.

Dear Ted:
Is Ryan Gosling cheater Chubster Hunkster? And is Vanessa Hudgens skanky Portia Vajazzle?

Dear Vice Try:
No and no. Closer on the latter tho.

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