Blind vice 300 gay sex

Dear Ted:
So how much do we love Zachary Quinto right now? Coming out in Jamey Rodemeyer's memory he brought me to tears, he really did. C'mon, Toothy, be a real man and step out of that closet, now!

Dear Straight Today, Gay Tomorrow:
Couldn't agree with ya more, C. We love Zachary's candid coming out and think he approached the topic in a most honorable way. Unfortunately, not every dude in H'wood has the guts of Quinto, so we're not getting our hopes up that Toothy Tile will come out anytime soon. Plus, Toothy's status as a sex symbol means he has a lot more to lose. Still, not a complete impossibility.

Dear Ted:
Why should we be surprised that anyone is gay in Hollywood? I would guess more are than aren't. If you think back to high school, any male into the drama club later turned out to be if everyone didn't know already. Hollywood must be made up of all these drama club guys.
Feg Heg

Dear More Heg Than Feg:
Don't you have a Sarah Palin rally to get to?

Dear Ted:
Is Kyle still your favorite this season on RHOBH? I'm not feeling her and haven't since last year's season finale. Also do you have any goss on Andy? I love him.

Dear Deep Dish:
As much as I love the biggest (and prettiest) diva of them—the one you asked about, Andy—I must say my favorites every season remain that babe troika of Kyle, Lisa and Adrienne. In that order. Kyle because she secretly wants to eat all the other women alive; Lisa because she's funny as hell; and Adrienne because she's rich as crap and couldn't care less what happens with the show.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Justin Bieber is the type of guy who'd cheat? He seems to be really in love with his current girlfriend, Selena Gomez. I really wonder if he'd cheat on her if he had an opportunity.

Dear Underage:
Since Justin is still not yet legal, I refuse to answer this question honestly since it might incriminate the relationship he has with his mother.

Dear Ted:
I was watching a few episodes of Glee over the weekend and it made me wonder: Do the adorable Chris Colfer or Darren Criss have Blind Vices yet? Or even something that might turn into one someday?

Dear Glees Gone Wild!:
One does, one almost does.

Dear Ted:
It's been a while. I was waiting for your Potter comparisons to Twilight like you did when Potter opened with the bogus polling questions so they could win but I guess that won't happen. But the Five Ways the World etc.. without Twilight well, you and this John Boone guy couldn't wait to sink your Twilight hating claws into the franchise. Rob didn't date Nikki Reed nor Megan Fox. You keep bringing up Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar nom as if Anna Kendrick doesn't exist. Jen will have a chance to see if her copycat Hunger Games franchise will be more successful than T.L. They enhanced the script with more sexual interaction because we know it just wouldn't sell otherwise. T.L didn't have to do that by the way and Potter didn't. So far SWATH has had more buzz but I digress. This time in 2013, you're going to wish you still had the Twi-hards to kick around. Keep biting the hand that feeds you Ted. Good job. Keep up quitting the cigs.

Dear Excuse Me?
Is there a point to your letter—besides bitchiness and a rather arguable definition of the word date?

Dear Ted:
Now that Hannah Montana's Mitchel Musso has been busted for DUI can you tell us, was he ever a Blind Vicer?

Dear No Way:
Just Miley from that crowd, honey, just Miley.

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