Cheryl Burke, Rob Kardashian, DWTS


Rob Kardashian is not the man he used to be.

At least not the one he was before competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I think he's really grown up, and I think the show is not just a competition, but it really changed his life," his Dancing partner Cheryl Burke told me earlier today during a break from a dress rehearsal for tonight's show.

Burke's feeling the love from the entire Jenner-Kardashian family...

"Bruce [Jenner] was like, 'Oh, you need to move into our house because you're the only one who has been able to tame my son," Burke said. "They thank me every single week for really changing Rob's life. His uncle and aunt came last night and his aunt pulled me aside to thank me."

The E! reality star's dedication in the ballroom has paid off. Just last night, he and Burke had their best—and hottest—performance yet, tying for second on the leaderboard with 25 points.

"We bicker like you probably see on Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Burke said. "Like I'll say something, like in the rumba, 'Stop manhandling me.' He would say, 'That's the way I have to do it.' But I was like, 'Rob, you need to be gentle!' We'll just go back and forth, but we've never gotten into a huge argument where we walk out of the room or anything."

Rob recently told Us Weekly that he doesn't think he's sexy—even if last night's rumba proved otherwise.

Burke believes him.

"He's not cocky," she said. "He's not arrogant. He's just a normal guy and I think that's why me and him have gotten along so well. He's normal and I'm normal. I like people who don't think of themselves like, 'I'm this hot superstar.' I'm probably have one of the best times this season that I've ever had on the show."

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