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We know Two And A Half Men's ratings have dropped since the premiere, but how are they compared to, say, last season?
—Jacquie S., via Facebook

Well, if you're hoping that Ashton Kutcher will soon lose his job, I have sad news for you...

...not likely.

Yes, ever since the new season debuted with more than 28 million viewers, the ratings have gone down, while time-slot rival Dancing With the Stars continues to grow.

But Men is still the ratings winner when it comes to the ever-coveted young viewer demographic. For this past Monday, for example, CBS averaged a 4.0 rating among adults age 18 to 49, the top spot in that demo. ABC averaged a 3.0 rating, despite the ongoing adventures of Nancy Grace's amazing crime-fighting fun bags.

The week before that also saw a dip compared to the period previous—a 7 percent dip to about 15.8 million viewers, to be precise about it. The slip was enough to reportedly cause Kutcher "concern," but no out-and-out panic. And there have been no signs of Kutcher being in trouble with the network suits—only with his wife.

(You also asked how this season compares to Charlie Sheen's last. Well, they're not all that far off; last season averaged 15 million viewers compared to the current estimate of about 14.2 million.)

"Hey," Entertainment Weekly pointed out, "the competition should be so lucky to report such 'dips' in the ratings."

Sounds like Nancy Grace needs to have a fresh wardrobe malfunction, stat.

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