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Dear Ted:
So Nikki Reed got hitched this weekend and I've seen no mention of any of her Twilight costars in attendance. We all know how strained the ties became at one point between her and Kristen Stewart, but I find it rather odd that no one from the Twi cast was there to support her on her happy day. Have things deteriorated that badly on the set?

Dear Let's Be Happy:
Oh, doll, come on: it was Nikki's big day, be happy for her! Can't a bride want all the attention without being called selfish? Because Nikki knows—just like you know—that if she starts making it a big Twi party, there goes her special day. That's, of course, if they would even accept the invites in the first place, but let's not even go there, shall we? We're just too happy for gorgeous Nik!

Dear Ted:
Zachary Quinto
has come out, too! I have to say, I really didn't not expect to hear this but I think it's great. Is Hollywood finally beginning to think that a gay man can still be a lead? More importantly do coming outs come in sets of three? Sean Maher, Zach and which Vice?

Dear Superstitious:
No, that's deaths, darlings, which a lot of actors actually equate with coming out. Thank heaven Zach's not one of them.

Dear Ted:
Do you honestly believe that Blake Lively was the one to dump Leonardo DiCaprio? I know that everyone says she is dealing with the breakup extremely well, but as you have so often said, the girl is crafty. Is it all just a facade to hide the fact that Leo ended things because she was pushing for marriage (and I seriously think she was).

Dear Right and Wrong:
I'm with you that Leo's being the gentleman here and letting it look more like Blake's idea, when everybody knows it wasn't. That said, Blake Lively is ready to get married and lose her Fiercest Single Girl Alive title like I'm ready to go back to dating women.

Dear Ted:
Was Nevis Divine once romantically and sexually in love with one of his costars. If so, what's their relationship nowadays?

Dear Sneaky:
I love how you distinguish between sexual and romantic love. Funny, because Nevis always thinks it's the latter when with him it's consistently the former (he's just the last to realized it, the dumb sweetie). To answer your question more specifically, yes, and it's over—for one of them, at least.

Dear Ted:
Speaking of Seth MacFarlane, on the Comedy Central roasts people keep saying he's gay. Sure, I get they're roasts, but there's a little truth in every joke, right? I'm not asking you to out him, obviously. With that said, is he even in the closet? I've never actually heard him deny being gay. I mean if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck chances are it likes to duck other ducks.

Dear Ducky:
Seth's Vice has nothing to do with homosexuality. Nor does any rumor I've ever heard about the man.

Dear Ted:
So now that Zachary Quinto is out, can I ask if he was one of your Blind Vices? I'm guessing you can't tell us which one, but did his sexuality have to do with it? And if you cannot tell us directly, can you give us a couple subtle hints? For all the guessing we do, it would be nice to see if we were on track for one.

Dear You Asked for It:
Yes, yes, yes and I totally agree with you!

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