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Spoiler Alert: Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) will share a scene on Gossip Girl!

Yeah, this information is not-so-shocking we know, but the GG fanbase (or, more accurately, the Chair fans) is buzzing after a picture of Chuck and Blair standing together in what seems to be a tense moment was released. So what exactly is going down between the duo in the photo? We've got some intel for ya. Plus, lots of goods on Revenge, Secret Circle, Bones, Happy Endings, One Tree Hill, New Girl and so much more...  

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Monica: Tell me Blair is lying and Louis isn't the father! Tell me this new Gossip Girl photo is of Blair telling Chuck he's the father!
Can't say either of those things, sorry! Should we stop talking then? Or did you want to know that Louis is definitely the baby daddy? (That's what our source says, anyway.) No? Okay, I'll stop talking then.

Deirdre: Dying to know about the new Gossip Girl photo! Any hope for Chuck and Blair?
I'm told they will have a heart to heart and Chuck does apologize for something very big/epic, but I don't think this scene has the outcome you're hoping for. Unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper.

deejaykfm: Any info on the Santana and Sugar rivalry? Or just any general information on either of them would be fantastic. Thanks!
Rivals? Actually, they'll be teaming up. But don't worry, it's not as diabolical as you think. And it has nothing to do with the Brittana situation. See next question.

NayaRSourceCOM: Anything about Brittana (Brittany/Santana) on Glee?
From what we hear, Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Riverafinally getting together isn't a Will-Emma zero-to-relationship thing. We'll get a sweet little scene and a moment Brittana fans have been wanting for a long time.

Jessie: This Glee hiatus is killing me. Please give me a scoopy bit to help with the wait.
Two scoopy bits for the price of one! You're welcome. A character we haven't seen since last season pops up in the next episode. And there is trouble ahead for one of these three couples: Will-Emma, Mercedes-Marcus, Mike-Tina.  

NEW GIRL, Zooey Deschanel

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Whorelips: When will we see Mr. Adorkable aka Justin Long on New Girl
Wait, just know your Twitter name is quite scandalous and we love it. Justin Long will appear in New Girl's Thanksgiving episode (Nov. 15) as Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) crush Paul Gunslinger. That's right, his last name is Gunslinger. And he'll be on for longer than one episode. It's definitely something to look forward to because star Jake Johnson (aka Nick) tells us Long is "as funny as it gets" in his role.

KellGreen1: Anything on CSI: New York's Danny and Lindsay? #csiny
You mean last week's Danny-and-Lindsay-filled episode wasn't enough for you? We can tell you that there was another Danny-Lindsay scene filmed, but unfortunately it had to be cut for time. So what was this "lost scene" about? Danny-Lindsay fans may never know. But you're in luck because we happened to be there to see it! Lindsay (Anna Belknap) comes to the precinct to cheer up her hubby and take him to dinner. We know, we wanted to see them another step closer to a meal together, too. Fingers crossed it makes it to the Season 8 DVD special features.

Gregory: I am ashamed to admit 90210 is my new obsession. Scoop me please.
No shame in your game, Greg-o. We are closet 9-0 fans too. (Shhh!) We're hearing that Annie (Shenae Grimes) will catch her rich boyfriend cheating on her in Vegas. And Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Dixon (Tristan Wilds) are gonna get bizzay.

Jwhere15: Revenge please!
Kidnapping her former therapist in last week's episode brought Emily's (Emily VanCamp) game to a whole new level of crazy, but VanCamp tells us she does have a moral line...for now. "She's not in the business of killing. I think what's difficult for her is no plan goes exactly as you think it will and she have end up hurting people around her that she doesn't want to. That is going to be quite the challenge for her: Where do you draw the line? I don't think she would actually kill unless she absolutely had to."

Bronzia88: How about some Revenging?
Prepare for Revenge's most twisted episode yet! VanCamp teases, "Episode five (airing this Wednesday) is going to really blow everyone's mind. So many things happen all in that one episode that are going to have to be dealt with over the episodes to come. It's going to be amazing." We're also hearing that Jack (Nick Wechsler) may be getting a new love interest soon. Yay or nay?

Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Sully716: Does the nice Stefan ever come back on Vampire Diaries?
From what Paul Wesley tells us, we don't think Nice Stefan is making a full return anytime soon, but we may catch glimpses of him. "The thing about Stefan is that the whole struggle the audience is going to watch, and that I hope to convey, is that there are little glimpses. When I say a little glimpse, I mean like a look, like maybe he is still there, but you have no idea. Even I don't know if he's really in there."

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skagengiirl: Anything that you can get on Bones, mainly Booth and Brennan? What is in their future?
Oh my, there is quite a bit ahead for these two. Within the first five minutes of the second episode, we learn that Bones (Emily Deschanel) didn't tell Booth (David Boreanaz) about a very important ultrasound, aka the one where you learn the sex of the baby. Not to worry, Brennan tries to make up for this oversight by attempting to see things through Booth's eyes, so she can better understand his emotional reactions.

Jennifer: Thanks so much for the Bones scoop! I'm pumped for season seven!
Hold on there missy, we're not done dishing out season seven treats just yet! There's a new intern at the Jeffersonian who is absolutely brilliant at forensic science, but ain't real keen on fancy words or nothin'. While Brennan is pleased to have the new team member, Dr. Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) is having difficulty seeing beyond his criminal past.

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Mathieu Young/The CW

secret_circle: Secret Circle treats?
Prepare to meet more of the Elders (R.I.P. Faye's Grandpa)! "The Elders will come around sooner than we think. We love the idea of the Elders because at some point Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles (Gale Harold) have to answer to somebody and those somebodies are the Elders," executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. "You can't have a town with dead bodies piling up before somebody takes notice. In our case, the people who are going to take notice first are the Elders."

My2cats: The Secret Circle, Charles killing Nick...how does that action change him and his relationship with Dawn?
Nick's (Louis Hunter) death will change just about everything for our (possibly) diabolical duo, trust. "As we go forward, the idea of consequences is there not only for the kids, but for the adults as well," Miller says. "The ramifications of their actions will be huge for [Charles and Dawn] emotionally, because it really puts their own plans into a completely different light and will cause them to question what they're doing and they may think differently from one another and that will cause a lot of problems."

Ashley in San Diego: The Walking Dead—OMG! Is you-know-who, um, dead?
We don't want to ruin anything, so let's just say if you have allergies to humans, you're safe eating that venison stew—for now. There is one plus side to that shot heard round the world: Shane is sticking around.  "He's got a new mission," Jon Bernthal tells us, "a new reason to stay—a new reason to prove himself."

Thomas: Is Gemma really dead on Ringer?!
Pump the brakes, Ringer fans. Who said anything about Gemma (Tara Summers) actually being dead? Definitely not executive producer Eric Charmelo, who teases, "There's blood on the wall, so you fill in the blanks however you want to." As for Henry (Kris Polaha), Gemma's husband, rest assured the handsome man isn't going anywhere. "Regardless of did-he or didn't-he, he's going to be a part of this world."



ady_golan: Like you, I adore Happy Endings! Jane is my favorite, anything good coming up?
Clearly, you have exceptional taste. Prepare to meet Jane (Eliza Coupe) and Brad's (Damon Wayans Jr.) Polish housekeeper Magda! Magda will make her first appearance around Christmas when Jane accidentally gives her a very generous gift...that must be taken back any any means necessary. Hijinks ensue!

Kerri in Boston:  Any good storylines coming up for my favorite tv 'couple' Max & Penny? I'm totally obsessed w/ Happy Endings.
Join the Happy Endings obsession club. We have T-shirts. Well we're absolutely banking on a flashback episode that shows Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson) as college sweethearts, but as of right now it hasn't been written yet. And since HE just got an order for six more scripts, we'll be penning daily letters to the writers until that flashback happens. Other than that, just prepare for a Halloween episode and Penny and Max's joint costume. Plus, as Pally tells us, that episode has "lots of drinking" in it. "I would say just lots of getting good and plastered."

Heather: I am loving Hart of Dixie! Any scoop? I want Zoe with George and I want it now.
And I want a glitter-coated unicorn, so let's read The Secret together, shall we? Actually, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and George (Scott Porter) are making a few leaps toward coupledom (or rather, a clandestine affair) in upcoming eps so you just might get your wish. I'm hearing they'll go to the movies together and George will lie to Lemon (Jaime King) about it. Oh, and someone gets shot with a crossbow in the leg. Because that happens. A lot. And actually, we don't even care to suspend disbelief on this show 'cause we love it so.

Lanaya Salim: I am a HUGE Hart of Dixie fan, stemming from my love for The OC...any more drunk makeouts b/w Zoe & Wade? Could he be any hotter?!
Oh trust us, he can. Speaking of hot...tonight's episode "In Havoc & In Heat" is filled with tons of sizzling scenes between Zoe and a mostly shirtless Wade (Wilson Bethel). Go on, squee with us! While there may not be any alcohol involved, the heat wave that hits Bluebell will cause its citizens to lose their inhibitions. As if there weren't enough love triangles going on, Zoe's love life is about to get a bit more complicated. Leila Gerstein, the show's creator, tells us, "We are giving her a third potential love interest." Please and thank you!

James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Smith_Michael89: Any Nathan and Haley news?
Think about all the challenges that Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) have had to deal with over the years. Crazy nannies. Car accidents. One leaving to pursue a music career (we still haven't forgiven you, Haley!)  In the upcoming final season, something happens involving Naley that we have yet to see on One Tree Hill. And we thought we'd seen everything on that show! Want more? Perhaps we hit the set recently and got all kinds of scoop for you. But that's for another day…

Kaley: Who is Barney marrying on How I Met Your Mother? Quit playing around and tell me!
Whoa, dial it down now! The cast doesn't even know who the bride is. So how could we possibly know? Cobie Smulders tells it how it is: "I love our show because our timeline is so disjointed, so when you say that Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is getting married, I don't know where in our timeline that lies," she theorizes to us. "We sort of give these sneak peaks to the audience and we sort of tease them as to what to expect, but I don't know where that ties into present-day, which we're doing right now. So, in terms of Robin and how she feels about Barney getting married, I don't know because right now he's dating Nora, he might be marrying Nora." Don't say such things, Smulders! But seriously, the second we find out who Barney is marrying…we'll let you know two weeks later.

—Additional reporting by Leanne Aguilera, Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling, Jenna Mullins and Drusilla Moorhouse

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