Rooney Mara, Vogue Cover

VOGUE/Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

If the acting thing doesn't work out, Rooney Mara could easily switch to modeling.

With her high cheekbones and elegant pose, the actress is striking on the November cover of Vogue, wearing a Ralph Lauren gown with—what else?—a dragon embroidered on the back.

But it's pretty obvious that the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star is passionate about acting. Inside, she explains why the coveted role of Lisbeth Salander was perfect for her...

"I am very slow to warm. I've always been sort of a loner," Rooney reveals. "I didn't play team sports. I am better one-on-one than in big groups."

So it wasn't too much of a stretch to relate to her character: "I can understand wanting to be invisible and mistrusting people and wanting to understand everything before you engage with the world." 

Even though Rooney knows this is the role of a lifetime, she's not looking forward to being in the spotlight after it premieres, Kristen Stewart-style.

"That kind of fame is not something I ever wanted for myself," the 26-year-old says. "It just so happens that this huge, gigantic monster of a film came around that also happens to have the most incredible character that I ever could have dreamed up.

"But my fear with a movie like this is the kind of exposure you get from it," she continues. "I think that can be death to an actor. The more people know about you, the less they can project who you are supposed to be. It's unfortunate that you really only get one shot at that. After this, I won't be able to be that girl again."

Let's hope those fears subside, because we have a feeling Rooney's career is just starting to ramp up.

Are you excited to see the flick, and what do you think of the actress' high-fashion cover? Weigh in below!

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