Lindsay Lohan

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

After Lindsay Lohan popped up on a red carpet last week sporting some scary choppers, the world demanded to know what's going on in that mouth of hers.

After her rep hit back with a non-answer, we went straight to a tooth expert to fill us in on the dental details.

Take it away, doc....

Dr. Arthur Glosman, who does not treat Lohan, examined those recent pics up close and told E! News there's a definite problem going on in her mouth, or what he calls "the door to your body."

"While Lindsay Lohan is not a patient of mine and I have not examined her teeth, in the photographs it appears she has some serious dental problems that need immediate professional dental attention," says Gosman.

"Ms. Lohan is a beautiful young lady but her smile indicates some health problems. It looks as though she has yellow stained teeth, that are chipped at the edges, and possible tooth decay, which could be caused by lack of oral good hygiene, drinking too much coffee, tea, soda and smoking. A visit to her dentist for a thorough exam and treatment protocol should be done immediately."

Glosman says that the problem is fixable and that Lohan could get her pearly whites back. But first she needs to get a full set of X-rays, a cleaning, decay removal and bleaching.

"For at home dental care, I tell my patients to follow the Glosman four-step approach to total care for a beautiful smile; one, brush, two, floss, three, mouth wash, and four incorporate a healthy lifestyle with sound nutrition, moderate exercise and management of stress."

With another court date looming this week, we'd say rule No. 4 may be a real problem.

The doc wants the Mean Girls star, a heavy smoker, to also be aware of oral cancer.

Overall, Glosman says that if Lohan regularly brushes, flosses and uses a mouth rinse to "dislodge the particles that appear to be lodged between her teeth," she can improve her smile.

"Cosmetically speaking, I know how important a beautiful smile is in the entertainment world as I see this with my celebrity patients," he says. "Ms. Lohan has an added incentive to take better care of her teeth as a beautiful smile is just not indicative of a healthy mouth but I would venture to say it could impact her livelihood."

And with her acting career on the verge of completely flaming out, we suggest she book a visit ASAP.

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