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There's no place like home...

This week on TLC's Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his four wives paid a visit to his old high school friends in his hometown of Lovell, Wyoming—and it was a pretty big deal. Why, you ask? It was his "first time going back openly as a polygamist."

Let the drama begin!

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Kody was super-nervous about returning to his hometown as an open polygamist, because when you have the "Scarlet 'P' on your shoulder, you just don't know if people will ostracize you or not."

For the most part, the citizens of Lovell welcomed the Brown gang with open arms, even if they didn't believe in their way of living. A few people congratulated Robyn on her pregnancy, while others said they were "good people" who had the "wrong idea." Another man pondered Kody and the wives' sleeping arrangements while one young woman was nervous that people might think that Lovell was the birthplace of polygamy. (It's not, she stressed.)

The wives were excited to meet Kody's high school friends for the first time, even though his lifestyle caused a rift between them. "Essentially to them, I'm a bad dude," Kody explains. "I'm an evil-doer." The gathering started off light and fun, with his old friends telling the wives stories of their husband in high school, including a story about Kody painting a girl's headlights black. Apparently, Kody loved to be the center of attention, which one old friend thinks is the reason he is a polygamist. "[It's a] built-in way for you to be the center of attention all the time."

Kody's best friend Ken seemed to take Kody's switch to polygamy the hardest, although he's come to terms with it...for the most part. "We feel like he's got an issue come Judgment day," Ken says. "If he goes to hell, so be it."

We also learned that most people in high school thought Kody was gay—or "flamboyantly gay," to be exact. Why? Because he wore "tight pants" and he "flipped" his hair all the time. Kody says he did these things because he tried to be fashionable, or what one is called today, a metrosexual.

Finally, we learned what Kody and Robyn are planning to name their son: Solomon.

What did you think of Kody's hometown visit? Do you like the name Solomon? Sound off in the comments, Sister Wives fans!

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