HART OF DIXIE, Wilson Bethel

Michael Yarish/The CW

Don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a show by how hot its stars are.

Yeah, that's right. The CW is more than just a network that employs pretty faces who are paid to take their shirts off on a weekly basis. It's a network that employs environmentally conscious pretty faces who are paid to take their shirts off on a weekly basis. Take Hart of Dixie star Wilson Bethel for example, who recently filmed an important "Give a Shirt" PSA focusing on the issue of climate change—and which includes some Vampire Diaries and 90210 shirtless wonders. We have an exclusive first look at this well-defined (seriously, could it be more defined?!) issue...

In this PSA video, Bethel tackles the issue of climate change "head on and shirt off" and though the CW can't make ice cubes any bigger, they can help out by "cutting wasteful wardrobe" and "spreading the message to anyone who will listen" via their "Give a Shirt" campaign. What martyrs!

So how did this glorious PSA come to be?

"CW had come up with the idea for a fake PSA and that it would be an 'environmental issues' campaign," Bethel says. "The script itself was written by me, co-directed by me and my friend Derek Baynham, and edited by me, Derek and Kelly May. It was a highly collaborative project and a lot of fun to work on."

Yes, Bethel wrote, directed, edited and starred in the fake PSA. See? Sometimes God gives with two hands.

After watching this very important PSA, we had one pressing question for Wilson: How often will the men of Hart of DIxie be shirtless in comparison to the guys on the other CW shows, like say The Vampire Diaries and 90210? Prepare for some heartbreak, ladies and gents.

"As far as actual shirtlessness on the show goes, much to the chagrin of some viewers, HoD is pretty toned down in the realm of gratuitous sex. From the start, the producers and writers explained to us that the show wasn't going to be the type where everybody is hopping into everybody else's beds," he says. "We're kind of the wholesome older sibling to some of the younger, more provocative shows on the network. That said, it's still the CW, people! We understand that clothing is frowned upon."

To quench your thirst for more shirtless Bethel and to do your part in the network's totally not fake "Give a Shirt" campaign, watch Hart of Dixie's red hot episode tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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