Mike Tyson, Pigeon

Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Forget Iron Mike. Mike Tyson wants to be known as the Pigeon Whisperer.

The former boxer pokes fun of himself in a new holiday E-card for StarGreetz in which he cuddles a bird while clad in a Santa suit slung open like a boxing robe.

Confusing? Yes. Funny? That too.

So what's he saying in the video?

"Merry hi," Tyson begins, adding, "A little birdie told me it's your birthday."

It's unclear whether the face-tatted Kris Kringle is celebrating Christmas early this year or sending a birthday greeting, but his message is clearly for the birds.

"I am now...the Pigeon Whisperer," he says holding a bird in his palm while he smiles and coos at it, sounding exactly like, well, a pigeon.

Tyson's pigeon obsession goes deep—last year he was incurred the wrath of PETA for his Animal Planet show Taking on Tyson, which features pigeon races.

"It is inherently cruel," PETA general counsel Jeffrey Kerr had told E! News. "The birds often end up lost in storms, being injured or just becoming so exhausted that they're unable to fly."

The network insisted Tyson "cherished and respected" his feathered friends.

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