Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast


Last week we were rudely left with a cliffhanger as Snooki spilled the beans about having sexual intercourse with Vinny to her newly reconciled boyfriend Jionni.

Did he freak out? Did they breakup again? Was Jionni surprisingly calm and sympathetic? (Yeah, right.)

Well, you'll just have to read on to see how the news was taken, and what other crazy and dramatic goodness happened on the Jersey Shore.

Surprisingly, the kid kept his cool. Jionni's voice never peaked higher than a low, disappointed tone (which usually makes you feel worse than hearing someone scream and bite your head off). By the end of the phone call, he told Snooks that he couldn't call her his girlfriend, but we can already tell they'll be back together by next week.

The next challenge faced in Italy was Deena's kooka trying to "do sex" with Pauly D. Over and over again, the meatball reassured her roomie that it wouldn't get weird between them afterward, and that she's good in the sack. But, Pauly knew better, and tried every tactic he could to reject her down south offer without coming off as a D-bag. Mission accomplished.

After brushing his teeth with a toothbrush full of Pauly's hair clippings, Mike and the rest of the gang got dressed up for their last Saturday night out in Italy. But it looked like Florence's residents were not thrilled with their appearance.

Crowds of guys kept giving gestures toward the cast that meant "shame," and of course, Mike tried to be the tough guy by yelling back and threatening to fight everyone. Well, we know how that goes.

Security and the club bouncers escorted everyone out, and almost everyone was over the drama and ready to go home. But not Snooki and Deena.

They headed out to a different club hoping to have a blast in a glass, but it seemed like the haters were everywhere that night. The meatballs got harassed by groups of guys, and even got ice thrown at them by the bartender! Oh no. So what'd they do? Break every bottle of liquor that was on the bar.


Oddly enough, JWoww and Sammi became closer because they just can't handle Snooks and Deena's craziness.

(Side note: Have you guys noticed that Ron and Sam haven't fought in like at least two weeks?! Amazing.)

Just as things started to quiet down in the house for Sunday night dinner, another brawl breaks out. This time, it's between Mike (shocker) and Deena, after The Situation claimed that D does nothing around the house.That resulted in opening up pandora's box of why everyone hates being around Mike, and the poor schmuck ended up having his own special party.

A pity party.

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