Madonna, The Duke, Duchess of Windsor, King Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson

GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images; Hulton Archive/Getty Images

We were hoping for the best with Madonna's love-story themed new film, W.E., by launching our own gallery of against-all-odds celeb lovers.

So far, film critics haven't been too supportive of Madonna's tale about King Edward VIII's 1936 abdication to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, interwoven with a contemporary (fictional) love story starring Abbie Cornish.

So, how did Madge do?

Judge for yourself babes, after checking it out, but we have to say Guy Ritchie's ex very well may have committed the worst celluloid crime of all: We were totally bored watching this.

And trust us, we know our gossipy Brit history: The whole reason Prince William came to be second in line to the throne was because his great-grandfather became king after Edward abandoned his throne for love. Otherwise, we never would have fallen in love with queen-to-be Kate Middleton!

But according to director Madonna, this pivotal global tale (which literally had the world mesmerized and permanently altered history) serves more as a quaint, slightly obsessive backdrop for a romantic, mousey brunette.

Or maybe that's just us. But come on, Madonna herself has been one of the biggest trailblazing lovers of all time, nabbing JFK Jr., marrying fellow rebel Sean Penn, not marrying Lourdes's father, Carlos Leon, trying a second marriage with Ritchie and having a host of boy-toys ever since, fab stuff!

Meanwhile, Cornish just acts like a lustful librarian grasping after dusty, insignificant headlines. We say Madonna should have mirrored her own life instead!

Agree or no?

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