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You know what they say about no good deed going unpunished!

Lindsay Lohan, who was originally ordered to perform 360 of 480 required hours of community service at the L.A. Downtown Women's Center, is going to be helping out at the Red Cross from now on instead.

While that's all her rep would say on the matter, the report of what led to the change in plans—alas, just in time for Lindsay's progress-report hearing next week—isn't very flattering.

Per TMZ, Lohan was booted from the women shelter's program after blowing off nine scheduled appointments and, on the occasions that she did show up, would split after about an hour. The terms of her program were that she work for at least four hours at a time and otherwise behave herself.

"Lindsay is now serving her community service at the Red Cross, and we're not providing any comment beyond that," her rep told E! News.

Last month, Lohan's camp denied that she was way behind on her community service commitment and was in danger of having her probation revoked. In July, Judge Stephanie Sautner had threatened to throw the actress back in jail if she didn't get cracking on those 480 hours and sign up for therapy.

The remaining 120 hours have been earmarked for janitorial duty at the L.A. County Morgue.

Lohan is due to appear before Sautner again next Wednesday. Perhaps her attorney will have an actual number for the judge when it comes to hours Lohan has spent toiling away for the greater good.

—Additional reporting by Katie Rhames

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