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Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) sitting in a bathroom, S-M-O-K-I-N-G...

OK, so maybe they are candy cigarettes, but this scenario does actually happen on tonight's episode of Community when Troy and Abed (Danny Pudi), or as they like to call themselves, "Trobed," decide to throw a housewarming party and invite the study group to their new apartment for a night filled with Yahtzee, pizza and alternate timelines, naturally.

So is Community heading towards a Troy and Britta romance? Here's what Gillian told us...

When asked about a potential romance between Britta and Troy, which some fans have been rooting for, Jacobs says coyly, "We definitely have scenes together. I don't know where anything is headed because they don't tell us anything."

There are six alternate timelines in tonight's episode and at least one of them will make Troy and Britta fans very happy. The duo may or may not exchange googly eyes and talk about adulthood...and Jeff possibly being intimidated by Troy. "What's great about Troy is he's developing this whole arc of sort of becoming a man. You see him asserting himself and it's turned into Jeff vs. Troy, which I really enjoy watching, like a guy trying to become an alpha male."

Gillian hints that Britta could possibly play a factor in this Troy vs. Jeff alpha-male contest. "It's sort of like the father relationship where [Troy]'s taking on dad in the form of Jeff. I think that Troy is going to keep going in that direction and maybe that will lead him towards Britta."

As for any season three romance for Britta and Jeff, who is currently busy giving googly eyes (there's a lot of 'em in tonight's episode) to Annie (Alison Brie), Gillian says she's come to expect the unexpected when it involves romance at Greendale.

"Joel and I had some really great episodes together last year and I think that the clip show where we find out that Jeff and Britta are having secret sex was awesome. I thought that Troy's 21st birthday with us drunkenly messily making out in the back of the car was awesome," Gillian says. "I think that it also kind of fires off in all different directions with our show, you saw Troy and Britta kiss, you saw Annie and Abed kiss. You never quite know where the show is going to go and I think what's awesome about it is that we all have such great chemistry with each other that you have a show where anything could really happen."

Other than its ever-changing pairings, Community fans also love the show's Halloween episodes and Gillian says they can expect something a little different this season. "It's structured completely differently than our previous Halloween episodes, which is fun because I don't know how we would have topped the zombie episode of last year. This one is going in a very different direction," she teases. "It's not centered around an episode where all of us are in one costume for the whole night and we are having a party or something like that is happening. People are telling ghost stories and then you are seeing us act out those stories."

Community airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Would you like to see Troy and Britta hook up? Or would you like to see Britta and Jeff continue their secret trysts? Sound off in the comments!

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