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At least no one's getting their head blown off.

But Ryan Gosling's latest flick Drive is inspiring some truly bizarre reactions. Look, we loved the bloody flick (and the smokin' hot chemistry between Ry and cutie Carey Mulligan) as much as the next popcorn muncher, but that doesn't mean we're out throwing hot dogs at not-so-hot dawgs...

So what exactly is this film "inspiring" people to do?

Ever heard of Brandon Kelly? The average Joe became a viral hit—and a mug shot star—when he threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods Tuesday during a golf tournament at the CordeValle Golf Club in California.

So what led him to premeditate this meaty crime? Drive, apparently.

"I threw the hot dog toward Tiger Woods because I was inspired by the movie Drive," Kelly cryptically explained. "As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.' "

Uh, we'd hardly call that epic, Brandon. But kudos to you, dude, for sticking to your buns...we mean, guns. Hopefully it was worth the arrest, likely fines and community service.

And if Brandon's post-Drive shenanigans weren't enough for ya, then you'll love Sarah Deming, who ironically hated Drive.

Why? Because it wasn't Fast and Furious.

The Michigan chica was apparently so ticked off after leaving the theater that she's suing the distributors of the flick for false advertising, saying it "bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film, for reasons including but not limited to Drive having very little driving in the motion picture."

Overdramatic much?

We've asked Mr. Gosling's campers what he thinks of all this Drive drama, but we've yet to hear back. We'll keep ya posted!

So, which case do you find kookier? And are you inspired to commit any stupid crimes after ogling Ryan Gosling for two hours (if so, please, spare us)?

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