Grey's Anatomy: We Go Behind the Scenes with the Ladies...And Dig Up Romance Scoop!

Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson dish on next week's hair and wardrobe choices, which reveal a few secrets

By Kristin Dos Santos Oct 13, 2011 1:46 PMTags
Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Greys AnatomyABC/ERIC MCCANDLESS

Spoiler Alert: The photo on this very page is a red herring! Or should we call it blue one? (Quick, find an evil moustache so we can twirl it!)

We hit the set for next week's Grey's Anatomy to talk with the cast, costume designers and hair and makeup stylists for an in-depth look at how the Seattle Grace aesthetic comes about—a segment coming soon to E! News. (How does Patrick Dempsey get that hair?! A question for the ages. Or, you know, his hair dresser.)

In the process, we unearthed some fun, slightly spoilery info from Grey's femme fatales, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, based on who's wearing what, and messing with her hair...

Look for Meredith to step into some new threads, and a new job! Ellen Pompeo confirms to us: "I'm wearing pink scrubs because Meredith is doing a stint in OB right now." Clearly she needed a new career direction, now that she and her former clinical-trial partner Derek (Dempsey) have parted ways, professionally speaking. And seriously, where better than with the babies? "I'm wearing the pink and I don't know how long I'm going to be in the pink for," Ellen insists. "We don't know."

What we do know? Christina and Owen are definintely on the road back to happy coupledom after their pregnancy (termination) issues earlier this season. In fact, Sandra Oh teases that the script for next week's episode inspired her to do something she never lets her hair stylist (Melanie Smith) do: Put in a giiiiirrly braid. "I've always been kind of a stickler for my hair, meaning like I rarely every change it," Sandra admits. "I don't like things that are too pretty because I just don't feel it falls into the character. I think Christina is very very practical and doesn't really care about how she looks. Good or bad, I think that it's quite true to the character. But this episode happens to be where there is a lot of romance between myself and Owen Hunt so I thought maybe a little prettier hair."

You heard that right, Crowen diehards, a lot of romance! And the episode is also directed by Kevin McKidd himself, so you'll certainly get your hot Scot fix. (This just in from Shonda Rhimes and the Grey's writing staff: You're welcome.)

Still, it may actually be Chandra Wilson's Bailey who's getting the most action of all in coming episodes. Now that the hotness that is Jason George has returned to Grey's (after his Off the Map stint), Chandra hints that things are headed toward a love triangle. "Isn't that crazy?...It's the season of Bailey hopping around!" Sluttery has never looked more civilized.

Watch our exclusive video interviews above with Ellen, Sandra and Chandra, then check back tonight after Grey's Anatomy airs a new episode on ABC for our Grey's Redux. Next week, we'll bring you part two of our set visit—with the guys.