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Now, we don't want to debate the morals of cheating, and we're not about to defend the married men mentioned below. After all, it takes two to have a scandalous affair, right? And, for the record, we're not saying Ashton Kutcher did cheat on wifey Demi Moore.

That said, there's something super gross about Sara Leal offering up the torrid tales of her nether regions to the tabloids, and it's hardly the first time this sort of thing has happened in Hollywood.

So we take a look back at five famous snitchers and the very married dudes they squawked about:

1. Sexting Spiller: Jamie Grubbs

She wasn't the first gal pegged as one of Tiger Woods's many mistresses (that honor belongs to Rachel Uchitel), but Jamie Grubbs was the first gal to confirm that she'd had an affair with the married golfer. And she had the X-rated texts and voicemails to prove it, so Jamie—just like Sara—spilled her story to Us Weekly.

2. The Nanny Diaries: Daisy Wright

Snog alert! Daisy Wright, who was a nanny for Jude Law's kids, went all out when she gave her infidelity story to the U.K.'s Sunday Mirror, sparing no intimate detail of her affair with (at the time) Sienna Miller's fiancé. So what made Daisy speak out? One of the children caught her with daddy, blabbed to mommy, and Daisy was canned.

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, Jaimee Grubbs

Zach Cordner / Zip Cord Media; The Brave Foundation

3. Sorry, Sandra: Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

You certainly remember Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, right? In case you need a quick refreshed, she is the tattoo model with a penchant for donning Nazi garb and sleeping with the husband of Oscar winning American sweetheart Sandra Bullock. Bombshell was happy to spill her tales of sex with Jesse James to In Touch and then tell her haters to "suck it." Classy!

4. Exhibit A: Monica Lewinsky

So she didn't technically sell her story to a trashy tabloid. But then White House intern Monica Lewinsky did fess up to sexy oval office time with then President Bill Clinton to her pals; one dear friend secretly recorded these confessions and those tapes were later used to charge the POTUS with perjury. So yeah, he did have sexual relations with that woman. Oh, and Monica did hire a publicist, write a book, peddle handbags and dine out notoriously ad infinitum.

Mildred Baena


5. Baby Mama Drama: Mildred Baena

How could we leave off the Sperminator?! Tho, housekeeper and baby mama Mildred Baena didn't "donate" her story to Hello! about her affair with governor Arnold Schwarzenegger until after Maria Shriver had already filed for divorce and the illegitimate offspring had been ID'd. Comparatively, kinda the moral high road with this motley chick crew, no?

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