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Danielle Levitt/FOX

Move over, Rachel Berry. It's time one of the Glee guys got a solo.

Although Glee ladies Lea Michele, Diana Agron and Naya Rivera have already dared to bare it (almost) all, we turned it over to you to see which small-screen star should be next to grab the nudie torch.

And the results were not so shocking...

Let's just say Darren Criss didn't have much competition, as 69 percent of you want to see the sexy singer take it off. And we don't blame you.

Nothing like some naughty Warbler action to pique our interests!

So maybe Darren's win wasn't all that surprising. He sure did take the series by storm with his rendition of Teenage Dream. And his cutesy hookup with Kurt Hummel? That pretty much sealed the deal as a fan favorite.

But what about Cory Monteith? Is his reputation as McKinley High's resident heartthrob in danger? 

That's what it's looking like. With only 13 percent of your votes, poor Finn just can't catch a break, but that's more than we can say for Amber Riley and Sue Sylvester herself (Jane Lynch), who only racked up a measly 7 percent of the votes between the two of ‘em.

And of course there was this pious commenter, who had to bitch: "Does everybody have to show naughty parts to make you happy? What's wrong with being modest and moral?"

To which we say: If ya got it, flaunt it! Don't let us down, Criss.

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