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Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) or Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman)? That is the question—and it's almost impossible for Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark (Emily VanCamp) to answer. Whom to choose: her childhood love or a privileged Harvard grad? Yeah, we kind of hate her, too.

We just chatted with VanCamp about tonight's episode, what she calls the "twisted" love triangle and the one person Emily can't quite figure out just yet...

"Obviously there is a deep love and connection with Jack that is certainly not part of the plan to go there with him," VanCamp says of the love triangle. "I think she's really trying to keep him at an arm's length and he obviously makes her feel something, but I think if she really lets that go to far it could really disrupt her plan. At the moment, she's still kind of targeting Daniel and really trying to move forward with that relationship. I think there are some real feelings starting to come to the surface with that relationship too, so it's really kind of messy."

And it seems it will only get messier, with VanCamp telling us, "Episode five is actually even more shocking in that respect with the relationship with Daniel. It's interesting because it's hard to know whether or not she's really starting to feel for him or not."

With each connection based on lies, it's hard to imagine either relationship standing a chance. "How could you possibly be authentic in any relationship at the moment?" VanCamp says, adding, "But who knows what [the writers] have in store for her and how much these characters will find out."

Daniel, who paralyzed a former girlfriend in a drunk-driving accident last summer, may fall back into some bad habits in tonight's episode, thanks to a loving push from Tyler (Ashton Holmes), his visiting college friend. Expect major tension between Tyler and Emily in upcoming episodes.

"He's sort of like The Talented Mr. Ripley character, and Emily doesn't even really know quite what he's up to—but she's certainly on to him with her super kickass instinct. She knows something is up," VanCamp teases. "There is something really kind of twisted and scary about this character. He seems up to no good, but she doesn't quite know what. We have some great scenes together just constantly sizing each other up."

So what about the No. 1 question on every viewer's mind? Is Daniel the person who was shot in the pilot's flash-forward? VanCamp isn't spilling.

"Oh, if I told you I'd have to kill you! I actually don't even know—none of us know. Mike [Kelley] has an ongoing joke that none of us are safe at any moment so we better behave. We don't know exactly who is dead on that beach. Time will tell and we should know by episode 13."



With viewers used to seeing her in the girl-next-door role on shows such as Everwood and Brothers & Sisters, VanCamp says she's enjoying playing a more devious role (we called her the female Dexter Morgan).

"People are really surprised, I don't think that they thought that I had it in me to be so conniving and evil," VanCamp says. "I've been having such an amazing time with this. I've been having such a great response from my grandparents and my aunts and uncles and my friends. It's really fun and it's great to be doing something so different."

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Let's hear it: Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel? Sound off in the comments!

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