Robert Pattinson


This should come as no surprise: Robert Pattinson has a killer set of pipes.

And the star happily showed them off two years ago at a karaoke bar in Japan. So why's this news now? Because his very do-able duet partner has come forth to chitchat about R.Pattz taking the mic. Any guesses who the mystery date is?

Hugh Jackman!

You might remember way back when, E!'s very own Marc Malkin revealed the X-Men stud and Twilight hunk had hit the town for a night of karaoke fun while they were both hangin' in Japan.

Well, while out promoting Real Steal, Hugh had to name drop the vampy star and talk about their night together.

"I actually did karaoke with Rob. That's random, isn't it?" Hugh dished to MTV News. "We were on our way to Japan, and he was promoting and I didn't talk to him at all on the flight, because he's this really tall guy with a hood over his head literally, and every time I'd go to the bathroom, I'd be like, 'Man, that guy takes some serious sleeping pills,' because this was him the whole time."

If you haven't peeped the video, Hugh reenacts how très adorable Rob looks while slumbering.

So how did they go from strangers on a plane to pals at the bar?

"When he got out, I was like, 'Hey, man,' and Baz Luhrmann was also on the flight because we were promoting Australia," Hugh recalled. "So we went out to this Japanese karaoke bar, and we invited Rob, and he came," he said. "And it was so much fun. Man, he's got a voice. Really soulful."

Like we didn't know that already. We just wish he'd put them to the test on a CD already.

But Hugh's a Tony winner so he knows a thing or two about tuneage. And guesses which song they sang together? ‘Cause get this, we hear that they performed Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" and received a standing ovation!

Just kidding, still no word on what song they sang, but we think Hugh might not have any problem dressing up as Cher:

"The first thing you do is you get inside this room, the doors are closed, and there's, like, eight of you," H.J. explains about the karaoke joint. "So it feels a little weird. And then all of a sudden, they open, and they bring in these boxes, which are basically dress-up clothes, and it's all girls' clothes. I was a schoolgirl, Baz got dressed up, and Rob did not. He was too cool for school."

Ya think Kristen could have gotten him to try on a schoolgirl uniform? We do!

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