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Kim Kardashian's celeb BFF La La Anthony took her husband's last name when she got hitched, but she understands why Kim decided to keep her own surname.

In Kim's Fairytale Wedding, we saw Kim debating whether to change her name to Humphries, but ultimately decided to stick with Kardashian.

"The difference with me is that people know me as La La," she told me last night while celebrating her performance in Love, Loss & What I Wore. "So last name wasn't that important. Hers is a whole different thing, and I think she made the right decision and it's working."

La La also said that while Kim and Kris did come to her play on Sunday night, they also all watched their E! wedding special after the show.

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"They loved the show. Kris was there, and when I stood up at the end, he was yelling 'You're the man!' " she laughed. "Afterward, we all watched the first part of the wedding special, so it ended up being a great night."

Despite the fact that the play is definitely geared toward a female audience, Kim's hubby was happy to attend. "I kept telling Kris 'It's for women' and he said, 'I don't care. I wanna be there to support you' and that means a lot to me," La La said. "He laughed so much, and Melo [Anthony] came the first night."

La La, who normally doesn't drink, was in a celebratory mood last night, downing two X-Rated Fusion cocktails during an afterparty in her honor. But she admits the reality of the NBA lockout and how it will affect her basketballer husband is starting to set in.

"It is a scary time because you're starting to really feel it, but what's great about Melo is that he does have options—whether it's go overseas or play somewhere else. Now, you're really gotta start looking at those other options," she explained.

So could we see La La's Full Court Life shooting the next season abroad?

"La La takes Europe?!" she joked. "I would go visit there, of course. If my husband were there, I'd be there as much as I could. But this is where I live. Our son is here so I'd kind of go back and forth. But that's cool, too. It's all about being cultured and experiencing different things, so I'm up for it."

Sounds like she has a great attitude about the situation!

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