Ashton Kutcher, Twitter, Cuff Links


Officially, neither Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore has addressed the cheating tale that Kutcher's alleged one-night squeeze Sara Leal is spilling.

But Kutcher may be dropping some serious hints via his favorite route, Twitter.

The actor, up late into the night Tuesday (as Leal's first-hand account of their alleged fling hit the Web), took to his page to tweet some vague things seemingly about the state of his marriage...

He linked to a picture of computer keyboard letter cufflinks "Ctrl" and "Esc."

"If we are not looking for one we are looking for the other Ctrl Esc," he wrote.

Last month, when murmurs of his marital strife began to bubble up, the Two and a Half Men star changed the background of his Twitter page, adding a glowing blue clock that shows emotions instead of numbers. The hands on the clock are set at "fear" and "anxiety."  (His avatar, which used to be a pic of the actor sporting a red clown nose, was changed to an apple with a bite in the shape of Steve Jobs' profile in honor of the late Apple founder.)

Below his "Ctrl/Esc" message, he posted another picture of a hand with a mouth drawn on it, screaming in agony.

Safe to say that Kutcher's not having the easiest of days; yesterday Leal broke her silence to Us Weekly, giving details of their alleged hookup in San Diego last month.

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"He just came up and kissed me," Leal said, adding that Kutcher told her he was separated from Moore.

Eventually, according to Leal, she and Kutcher wound up naked in a hot tub with another girl. "I didn't think it was out of the ordinary. I wasn't self-conscious about getting naked."

Then, at around 6 a.m. on Sept. 24 (Kutcher and Moore's sixth wedding anniversary, alas), "he lost his towel" and they had sex, according to Leal.

"He was good," she said. "It wasn't weird or perverted."

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