"It's just a little ping."

This is what Derek Hough jokes of the injury he suffered while rehearsing for tonight's Dancing with the Stars.

Sure, he looked fine while dancing with sister/guest star Julianne to an incredibly challenging jive, but is he OK? And will he be able to compete next week?

Plus, what is going on with the Crazy Town voting on this show?!

"Yes, I dislocated my shoulder," Derek confirmed to us after the show. "This week it was bothering me a little bit. I had pain in my neck and I was overcompensating and it went into my shoulder."

But fear not, Hough fans. Derek insists the injury won't  keep him from the ballroom. "I'll be fine. It happens in dancing. You move on."

What also happens? Sometimes you just freeze, sadly, if you're Chynna Phillips. And she paid the price tonight for doing just that, getting the boot despite her standing as a front-runner.

"I really thought she was the one to beat!" Ricki Lake admitted. "She had such beautiful lines and I'm so sad for her."

"I will miss her dearly as a friend," lamented Nancy Grace.

 "It's sad but it's meant to be," Chynna told us after getting eliminated. "I feel bad, but you know, it's another day. A new day has dawned. Time to move on." Hold on for one more day? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Oh, and as if Derek's jive with Julianne weren't already impressive enough, he had to go and tell us they hardly rehearsed. "We were very nervous! I think it was probably the first time we danced it from beginning to end."

Don't tell that to Carson Kressley, who he cracked: "Would someone please dip me in a little bit of that DNA?  I really want to be submerged in some Houghness and come out doing leaping splits!"

Don't we all, Carson. Don't we all.

Were you shocked by Chynna's ouster? Hit the comments.

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