Simon Cowell, X Factor, Zooey Deschanel, New Girl


We've always been accepting of the fact that Simon Cowell and his too-tight T-shirts are probably taking over the world.

But now that he's squeezed our fave new TV heroine Zooey Deschanel out of her timeslot?

We might just have to do a slow-mo chicken dance on his ass.

Fox confirms that the X-Factor is bumping new episodes of New Girl, but before you fans of the latter freak out, there may be good reason...

The X Factor is getting supersized from 90-minute episodes to two-hour episodes, starting this week, which means the next new episode of New Girl will air in three weeks on Nov. 1. 

So does this mean Fox is that much more excited about X Factor? And New Girl is doomed?

Not even a little bit. 

Fox insiders assure me that this move was made to protect New Girl (the MLB playofffs are in full swing and the World Series is next week, and baseball plays to a different demo), and make sure that the show's upcoming episodes are seen by as many viewers as possible. (November sweeps, y'all!) Raising Hope and Glee also will return on Nov. 1.

Last Tuesday, New Girl was the highest rated show on Fox, grabbing 8.6 million viewers. (Glee got 8.2 million and Raising Hope garnered 6.5 million.) New Girl is also one of the most-watched new shows on DVR, adding 29 percent for last week's episode. I'm told Fox is "extremely happy" with New Girl's performance so far, and there's no cause for concern about the show's longevity.

Good news for those of us who just can't seem to get off the couch, watching it over and over and over...

Anyone care to join Baby in the corner? Hit the comments with your love for New Girl.

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