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Wait for iiiit!

How better to describe Psych's much-anticipated sixth season premiere tomorrow night than borrowing Shawn and Gus' favorite tagline?

Instead of airing this summer, USA's detective comedy was pushed back—way back—to fall to accommodate the network's new series. And because we are more impatient than Detective Lassiter's trigger finger, we hit up the Psych set in Vancouver for some scoop about the season ahead.

So, is it worth waiting for? Here's a preview from star James Roday

Lost Boys: In addition to the Bachelorette episode (guest starring Lindsay Sloane), which we saw being filmed in Vancouver, Roday promises all kinds of themed episodes and guest stars. "We have The Hangover—Gus, Shawn Lassiter and Woody the Coroner (Kurt Fuller) all wake up in the Psych office and can't remember what happened the night before." Also on the slate is "Shawn Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," featuring the original film's star Brad Dourif. The season has enough to please every palate, including baseball, superheroes and vampires. Whut? The fangbanger episode not only includes Lost Boys star Corey Feldman and O.G. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson (who sets Carlton Lassiter's heart a-beating)—we also see Dulé Hill in a Blackula costume.  

Heeeere's…Lassie!  Unfortunately, Psych's long-planned Clue episode is not going to be happening this season. "Because we lost Tim Curry—and we were all in agreement that we cannot do Clue without Tim Curry," James tells us. "[It will air] next season, right out of the gates, but not for this season." Replacing Colonel Mustard & Co. is an episode paying tribute to The Shining, directed by James. 

Suck It, Declan Rand: "Shawn and Juliet are going on their first romantic vacation [hopefully sans Nestor Carbonell's suave Declan] where they run into another couple (played by Jason Priestley and Jen Finnigan), who may or may not be everything that they seem."

Jack Nicholson Hat Trick: Psych is airing a third Jack vehicle this season. "We have a Chinatown episode coming up that will be called Santa Barbara Town—very noir-ish," Roday says. "I think it will also be the season finale—with a shocking ending that no one is going to see coming. Just…There is no decibel level that would do justice to the shock value that you will feel at the end of this season!"

Psych premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA

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