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The Gleeks have spoken.

And they totally want more sexy spreads featuring their fave small screen stars—just ask long as they're not too naughty. 'Cause last week we asked you why peeps weren't getting up in arms over Naya Riveras nearly-nude pics, like they did for Dianna Agron and Lea Michele.

So who should spark some controversy (or not) on a cover next?

How about Cory Monteith?

Sure, he was part of the GQ fiasco but hell-oh, he was totally friggin' clothed. Which was our biggest problem with the magazine—how about some equal opportunity sexiness? So maybe it's time that Cory drops trou and levels the playing field with his female costars.

Or what about Amber Riley?

She battles Lea Michele weekly on the boob tube for best voice, so why should she be left out of all the naughty fun! Ms. Riley is tres comfortable with her bod (just look at the way she worked that Rocky Horror S&M getup), so why not take it to the next level?

Or Darren Criss, the noobie dude who's had many Gleek's hearts aflutter? Darren showed off some skin in Out magazine, but a little tummy is nothing compared to what his girlie costars have flashed. Is it time Darren take the heartthrob torch from ex-Gleek Chord Overstreet and don little gold shorts?

And then there's always Jane Lynch. Remember how good McKinley's resident meanie looked in her dominatrix outfit? How could you forget! And we think Jane is just the type of take-no-crap broad who could pull off a sexy photo shoot. What say you?

Sound off below!

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