Paul McCartney, Nancy Shevell

Barcroft/Fame Pictures

What did the prenup look like for Paul McCartney this time? I would be shocked if Paul agreed to give this new wife anything in the event of divorce.
—D.B., via the inbox

I certainly don't mean to give you a complete case of psychotic trauma, but the news I am about to share might cause you seizures. For, in forging his paperwork with his new wife, Nancy Shevell, divorce attorneys will tell you that McCartney is playing a dangerous game of mumblety-peg with his munneh...

For there is no prenup, at least, not much of one. At least, if you believe the London tabs.

Per the Daily Mail: "McCartney's lawyers have drawn up a simple one-page document, saying that in the event that the new marriage fails Miss Shevell won't make a claim on the trust funds of any of his children, and that seems to be enough for them both."

If true, this is a curious decision, given that McCartney's last marriage, to Heather Mills, ended up costing him about $48.6 million. And remember, McCartney has a reported net worth of somewhere between $400 million and $800 million; he has a lot to lose.

Still, he isn't alone. Seth Rogen recently told Howard Stern he married without a prenup, as did Sean Penn back in his Robin Wright days, and even the usually business-savvy Madonna when she married Guy Ritchie.

It's never too late, though; attorneys tell me that there is such thing as a prenup once a couple is married, and it's called—of course—the postnup.

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