Kristen Stewart

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering why you didn't put Kristen Stewart's butt in Hollywood's Best Body Parts! Who's Got the Best Butt? I know this might seem ridiculous and you might not answer this but hear me out: Just as Rob's hair is his best asset, K.Stew's butt is her best asset. I know they both look gorgeous but their hair and butts made them famous to the fans.

Dear T&A:
'Cause Team Truth thought she was perfect for the best rack poll! And we're sticking by it. Many of you don't seem to agree as she's currently losing to both busty Sofia Vergara and pec-tacular Matt Bomer. At least she has Twilight bragging rights and is beating out Taylor Lautner though!

Dear Ted:
Totally in love with Chris Evans after seeing What's Your Number? Not to mention his amazing body! Got any dirt on him? I hope he's as charming and likeable as he is in the movie!

Dear Chris Cross:
All those superhero flicks are good for the bod, huh? Here's hoping he's shirtless more in The Avengers than he was in Captain America! But I totally heart Chris, and get this: he's even sexier off screen.

Dear Ted:
You have me so confused. On all of your answers regarding Dianna Agron's time with Glee, you've said in no uncertain terms, she would be out of there after this season along with Mark Salling. But your most recent answer said maybe not. So which is it?

Dear Glee-B-Gone:
It all depends on their contracts, babe. When whispering of graduation started, I heard that the likes of Quinn and Puck were goners, but these days it's a whole different ball game: they might be stuck at Lima Community College forever.

Dear Ted:
Have you followed The Secret Circle at all? Any scoop on Thomas Dekker? He seems like a good guy, and he's all sorts of delish.
—Too old for this show, but watching

Dear Something Wicked This Way Comes:
Haven't gotten into it yet—I got my fix of witchey biz from last season of True Blood. But I like star Britt Robertson, so you tell me: should I play catch up with those spell casting cuties or leave it off my radar. Ya know, much like Thomas is currently.

Dear Ted:
It seems like everyone I know is having babies this fall. Clearly I know what all my friends did last winter. Anyway, it got me wondering about all the Vices about wanna-be-baby-mamas. Did any of your Vices end up having the kids they wanted? I'm thinking of Mimi Kitten, Cass Stimulatia, Lucretia Johnson, and probably many more I've forgotten. If not, are they even still trying?

Dear Mommy Dearest:
I've heard grumblings that one of these gals had some luck getting a bun in her oven, but I'll keep my lips sealed on who and let her belly do the talking.

Dear Ted:
Congrats on the cancer sticks, and continue to be strong! What I wanna know is, do the beards of A-list closeted stars always know they are beards? If they have children is it planned just as much as their relationship?
—Curiosity killed the cat

Dear Beard Jr.:
Oh it's planned, all right. Right down to which outlet with snatch the first pics of their new bundle of joy!

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