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Parties don't go down without a heap load of drama in Bev Hills and Dana Wilkey's game night was no different. Thank God the ladies of 90210 steered away from a murder-mystery theme, ‘cause no one would have been safe.

Not even Lisa Vanderpump came off clean and she was nowhere near Dana's house that night.

So how did the sexy Brit slip up?

A big announcement: Lisa and Ken's beloved Pandora is engaged!

But first Lisa had to scold the maid over setting the table. And then, dressed in a frilly apron, she broke a sweat on the special potato salad she was making for Pandy's BF Jason and his parents.

After Kim Richard's photo dusting session last week, we're starting to think good help must be very hard to find these days.

Cue Taylor Armstrong and Dana, also in aprons, having an old-fashioned cooking-baking sesh in Taylor's kitchen. Ladies, please. We don't watch the show to see you cooking and cleaning. So please lets drop the domestic goddess charade, get dressed up and go hit Rodeo Drive for happy hour.

But back to Pandora's big reveal.

Jason gets up to propose a toast, which earns him an eye roll and a flashback to last year's overblown proclamation of love. But this time it's the real deal as he announces he and Pandora got engaged in NYC.

"I couldn't be bloody happier," gushes Lisa. "I love you like my own son, I love you more than my own son."

Ouch! Lisa's son Max smirks and you know that mother-son relationship just suffered a five-year setback.

Blame Lisa's wild emotions, she then proceeds to alienate Ken, too, by shooting down his efforts at a speech. "No, too mushy," barks Lisa as her hubby raises his glass to make a toast. It's obvious, future family gatherings at casa Vanderpump are gonna be a real treat.

The atmosphere's not much warmer over at Dana's estate, which gets a dressing-down from Camille Grammer. (Oh how we've missed the bizarrely out-of-touch life lessons doled out by Camille and her bank account.) "There's hardly any furniture," sniffs the former Mrs. Kelsey Grammer. "It was a table of dessert and a few breadsticks."

But who needs food and furniture when you've got six women ready to stick their designer stilettos into each other's backs? (Adrienne Maloof was MIA for the evening.)

Newcomer Brandi Glanville gets the worst of it. "I don't want to play with her. I don't want her on my team," complains Kim to Brandi's face before stealing her crutches. At this point, Brandi could admit to being a serial killer and we'd still have to feel sorry for her getting iced out by the Richards sisters.

Not that she needs our sympathy. "I can be a 10-times bigger bitch," says Brandi, who explains she was a model in Europe in the '90s and she knows about people on drugs. This to explain Kim's numerous trips to the powder room.

It's a theory the ever blunt Brandi feels the need to share with the room, causing Kyle and Kim to lunge at her while Taylor blinks like a bewildered deer and Dana pats her on the back. Meanwhile, Camille actually sounds like the voice of reason as she privately opines, "Kyle and Kim were way catty."

So was Brandi was out of line to accuse Kim of being on drugs or did Kim get exactly what she deserved for being so unfriendly? Sound off in the comments section below!

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