So much for squashing the feud.

The rumored Eddie Murphy appearance on this week's Saturday Night Live proved to be just that, a rumor, as Ben Stiller kicked off this week's show without his Tower Heist costar (this was particularly evident when Murphy was absent from the Tower Heist preview skit). It was Stiller's first return to the late-night laugher since 1998.

But despite the glaring Murphy void, all was not lost. 

Hugh Jackman and Kenny G did manage to make the show, popping up in surprise appearances during the night. While Kenny jammed with Foster the People after they performed  "Houdini," Jackman gave a hilarious portrayal of Daniel Radcliffe in "Best of Both Worlds."

And while it was no Melissa McCarthy hosting stint, Stiller was able to pull off a few comic bits of his own.

Right after Stefon gave us the dish on New York City's hottest hot spots on Weekend Update, Stiller arrived as Zoolander, slapping on a pursed lip, "cold coffee" pose to tell us all about his VIP Halloween bash.

And then there was his transformation into a DVD-hocking Bruce Springsteen, and Stiller's Jewish food hallucination in his opening monologue, in which Andy Samberg played a Jewish Willy Wonka. 

So tell us, what did you think of Stiller's return to SNL

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