Tom Sizemore

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tom Sizemore is finally on the right side of the law.

The actor had a great day in court, where his lawyer not only proved he was not in violation of his probation, stemming from his recent arrest, he also scored Sizemore an early end to his probation, because he's been doing so well.

So how's Tom feeling?

"Sizemore is happy that it is finally all over," said Charles Lago, the actor's rep.

Sizemore himself said that he knew justice would be served. "I knew that with time I would be vindicated," he told E! News. "If you do nothing wrong, you're always vindicated."

Sizemore's new lawyer, Kent Schaffer, had explained that he completed his community service, and the judge was impressed, letting him off early.

The trouble all started in September, when the actor was arrested yet again in downtown L.A. after he was caught up in a police investigation that was unrelated to him.

During a search of Sizemore's apartment, cops discovered he had an outstanding warrant in his name for misdemeanor battery, but it was really the actor's assistant they were after. 

"Tom had an assistant living with him," Lago explained at the time. "The assistant was arrested last night for stealing a car. Police went to the apartment at 1 in the morning. The police asked if the assistant lived there and Tom said, 'Not really, he stays here.'"

Sizemore had posted $26,000 bail after the arrest.

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