Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Point Break

Twentieth Century Fox.

Soon after it was announced last month that a remake of Point Break was in the works, one of the big casting rumors focused on Cam Gigandet.

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze starred in the original 1991 action-thriller.

Not only isn't it clear which role the Twilight star would be taking, but…

Gigandet says he has hasn't actually spoken to anyone about the remake—well, at least about this incarnation of it.

"About two years ago when they were first talking about remaking it, I was talking to them about it," Gigandet told me the other day while promoting Trespass, his upcoming crime-thriller with Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage. "We had discussed it, but then everything fell apart and I have not heard anything since then."

What is certain is Gigandet has been cast in the pilot for TNT's period Western series, Gateway. "It's about three brothers," he said. "My character becomes the sheriff, and we try to protect this small town that has some issues and some bad people coming into it and take it into the next century."

He said, "I get to ride horses, shoot guns and work with pretty women. It's kind of my perfect gig."

Can't wait to see you in a pair of chaps, Cam!

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