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This is one priceless behind-the-scenes verbal battle.

Funnymen Seth MacFarlane and Jon Stewart were involved in a heated, one-hour phone battle back in 2008 that MacFarlane still can't forget.

The Family Guy creator tells Piers Morgan all about the day he answered his phone and heard The Daily Show host yelling at him on the other end.

So why the beef between the two?

It started when MacFarlane went after Stewart on Family Guy, making fun of him for working through a live show during the Writers Guild strike in 2007, even though Stewart's writers were on strike.

Apparently Stewart didn't take the jab too lightly, got ahold of MacFarlane's number and furiously dialed him up.

"It was an angry call, and suffice it to say he's a phenomenally good debater," MacFarlane said. "If you'd been keeping score, I would have lost roundly."

When Morgan asks if he groveled or stood his ground like a man, MacFarlane says he did try, but was taken aback by the absurdness of the whole thing.

"I was kind of in shock more than anything else, it was kind of an odd Hollywood moment," he explained. "I mean I was a huge fan of his show and here I was getting this phone call, this really, really angry phone call.

"My take on it in retrospect is this: I do maintain the standpoint that people have diagreements about unions, I think in that situation how much good the writers strike did is debatable depending on who you is encumbent upon people in a certain situation to stand up for the people who haven't made it yet, if they can, if it's low risk. And my argument was that you're like the most successful guy on that network and arguably the most popular, successful television personality in the genre. ...I think his response was 'Who the hell made you the moral arbiter of Hollywood?' Which in any debate is a good response."

When Morgan says there's a certain irony to that because that's the exact role Stewart plays on his show every night, MacFarlane refuses to agree, out of fear Stewart will lambast him every night for, well, 365 days straight.

"If I say yes, he's going to crucify me every night on his show for a year," he said, summing it up.

"I do think he was wrong not to shut his show down...but the gag that we did on Family Guy was coming from the right place. [It] was probably so over the line in its ruthlessness that it could have been better in its execution...But I stand by my point of view."

Your move, Stewart.

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