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Dear Ted:
I think the main difference between the Naya Rivera's pics in FHM and the other pics from the GQ shoot is that Naya's pics, while sexy, were not an über-creepy Lolita fantasy. While the girls in question may all be of legal age, the GQ shoot was intentionally and sexually depicting them as teens instead of adults. Just saying.

Dear What?!:
Sorry, L., but we have to disagree with you on this one. Naya's pics were just as sexy as the rest of 'em and the shoot with Cory, Lea, and Dianna? Well, Naya's wearing even less. Her shoot is just as seductive, but Naya has less star power (right now)—blame the barely-there reaction on that

Dear Ted:
After hearing Kristin Stewart refer to Robert Pattinson as her boyfriend, do you think they will act like a real couple at the Breaking Dawn premiere?

Dear It's Official:
We can dream, can't we? But remember, K.Stew only confirmed her boytoy is British—she never said R.Pattz is her man. Kris is one smart gal, and while she might be throwing all Twi-hards a bone with her mere mention of a BF, we doubt there will be an increase in Robsten PDA. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't be delighted if the duo proved us wrong. 

Dear Ted:
I was wondering what do you think and what do you know of Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund? They made such a beautiful couple in Country Strong! I'm dying to know if they are dating—everybody who watched the film also saw the premiere and that hug!

Dear Take It Off-Screen:
They did make a super cute couple in the flick. But that's it, at least for now. 

Dear Ted:
Love ya! I wanted to know whether Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick ever hooked-up? And if not, why? They are so good together!

Dear Goss on the Gossip Girl:
Blair and Chuck do make an ever-so-steamy couple, but we're sorry to say they have yet to test the waters outside of the Upper East Side. Too bad Leighton already dated Gossip Girl co-star, Sebastian Stan, or the duo may have had a chance. 

Dear Ted:
I have a question that falls purely in an "interesting to know" category. If my memory serves, right before Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux became news, there was a rumor circulating that she had a crush on Joaquin Phoenix. I only saw that swirl for a short time, but Justin and Joaquin share a similar dark, handsome, sorta dangerous look. When I saw J.A./J.T. together, it immediately brought that rumor to mind and I wondered if there might have been something to that rumor, even if it wasn't acted on?

Dear Jen's Crushing:
Rumors are always swirling Jen's crushing on someone. And while Joaquin and Justin may share a similar look, Jen looks crazy in love with J.T. If the rumors were true, the crush only lasted until Justin came around. 

Dear Ted:
Does Justin Bieber have a Vice? He seems almost too innocent to me. There has to be something he's hiding.

Dear Don't Keep Beliebin':
Yes, agreed and yes.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and Cory Monteith are going to have big careers after they leave Glee?

Dear Life Post-Glee?:
That's when it's time for good-ol' Ryan Murphy to create a spin-off. Besides, the Gleeks are telling us no one is leaving post-graduation, so here's to Glee: College Edition—maybe then we will get all the sexy pics our giddy-for-Glee hearts desire.

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