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Plenty of celebrities met Steve Jobs, who was a superstar in his own right. But Noah Wyle had the privilege of actually playing the man.

"My condolences and thoughts are with his family who will certainly miss him most as a husband and father," the Pirates of Silicon Valley star, who played Jobs to Anthony Michael Hall's Bill Gates, said Thursday in response to Jobs' passing yesterday at the age of 56.

And Wyle didn't stop there.

"Portraying him in Pirates of Silicon Valley was as challenging and as fulfilling of a role as I will have in my career. I had the honor of meeting him shortly after the movie aired and was struck by his sincerity and self-deprecating sense of humor. We have lost a visionary whose innovations will continue to impact our society forever."

And Wyle's kind words have come amid a veritable flood of tributes to Jobs, who ostensibly influenced the way folks from all walks of life communicated. Let's just say, we've never seen so many celebs agree on one thing...

In an appearance on CBS' Early Show, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak called his former partner "the most incredible business person in the world...who hit home run after home run after home run."

"My role was [to be] the key technologist, the scientist, the engineer that was building all these devices," Woz said. "Steve was spotting them and seeing ways to sell them and talking about where they could go. And talking about enhancements and improvements that would take it to the next level. He was always trying to move to the next level."

"I hope he's looking down on Apple," the tech titan, who started the company with Jobs in his parents' garage, added in another interview with Good Morning America.

Jobs is so synonymous with Apple, it's almost possible to forget that he ran Pixar Animation Studios for years.

Current Pixar CEO John Lasseter called his late friend an "extraordinary visionary, our very dear friend and the guiding light of the Pixar family.

Steve Jobs, Apple Cake


Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro: "Check out the cake we made for

Katie Couric "Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You've changed forever the world you leave behind."

Kim Kardashian "Wow Steve Jobs died! He was a brilliant man!"

Martha Plimpton: "Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. Kinda can't believe he's gone. Carrying a little part of him in my pocket every day."

Jon Favreau "We lost a man of true vision today. Condolences to the whole Apple family."

Josh Groban "Such a sad day, I can trace my apple memories to the IIC when i was a kid. RIP."

Benji Madden "Damn. RIP STEVE JOBS. Thanx for all the stuff you gave us. Life is Short. Live it up."

Eva Longoria "My heart goes out for the family of Steve Jobs. What an inspiration he was to us all and a creative visionary for the world! You will be missed."

Star Jones "RIP generations' Edison. His mind gave us all a new way to work, create, explore and live."

Mila Jovovich: "I can't even describe how devastated I am by the news of the great Steve Jobs passing. He was truly one of the most prolific artists and forward thinking people the world has ever known. My prayers and heart goes out to his family and those lucky enough to have known him."

Ricky Martin "Where is the excitement gonna come from. We won't see another you in this lifetime. Thank you for everything Steve! :o("

Jared Leto: Thank you, Steve, for reminding all of us to dream bigger, reach further, push harder, break rules, never give up, be our best, stop at nothing, and for showing us how to live this life the way it is supposed to be lived. You put more than a ding in the universe—you made reality from a dream. You changed the course of the lives of all of us in Thirty Seconds To Mars by helping to give us the chance to share our music with the world. We will never forget that. Rest in peace."

LeAnn Rimes "RIP Steve Jobs.....what an innovator. This world will miss him."

Billy Bush "100 million iphones don't lie. What an amazing man...HE is the apple of all of our i's. We have an i everything and its all so amazing."

Sandra Bernhard: "For all of the human qualities that inspired the virtual. #ripstevejobs."

Mia Farrow "Again and again Steve Jobs introduced us to a thing we could not have not imagined. (hash)loss."

Rachel Roy "Our world is different bc of the device you're reading this on. Brilliant Mind. Do something w his legacy to honor him & you xxRR"

Tracee Ellis Ross was brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.' - Obama"

Pau Gasol: "The last 'inventor' dies, his fascinating and achievements are a source of inspiration for those who fight for a dream ."

Rupert Murdoch: "Today, we lost one of the most influential thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs of all time. Steve Jobs was simply the greatest CEO of his generation. While I am deeply saddened by his passing, I'm reminded of the stunning impact he had in revolutionizing the way people consume media and entertainment."

Then there are thousands upon thousands of other tweets, Facebook messages and blog posts quoting Jobs and thanking him for changing the world, revolutionizing technology, making it easier for their family to stay in know, your run-of-the-mill universe-altering accomplishments.

TNT will be reshowing Pirates of Silicon Valley, which premiered in 1999, tonight at 8 and 10 p.m.

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