Butt Split, Christina Hendricks, Nick Jonas, Ryan Reynolds, Pippa Middleton

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To paraphrase the great Sir Mix-A-Lot, we like butts.

And while he may favor just the bigger variety, we like any type of tush—as long as it's squeezable. Which is why we're ending the week with a round of our Hollywood's Hottest Body Parts honoring our fave stars that were blessed with a great backside.

So who's got the rump to reckon with?

Christina Hendricks, Nick Jonas, Ryan Reynolds, Pippa Middleton

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Let's start was a pseudoroyal to be reckoned with: Pippa Middleton. Forget sis Kate, Pip's derriere was the real star of this year's most talked about wedding. But is it the real deal or some well placed padding? Do you even care?

Or maybe you prefer a hunk like Ryan Reynolds. Sure he's got some killer pecs and an ogle-worthy six pack, but it's his rear end that totally had us doing a double take (and then a triple take) when he showed it off in The Proposal. Sandra Bullock has some lucky peepers!

There's also Christina Hendricks, who may be notorious for her rack, but who's got some junk in her trunk that is simply parfait. And thankfully her booty gets shown off a lot in those sexy retro chic costumes she dons on Mad Men.

And we must not forget Nick Jonas, whose tuchas is so delish that it's inspired its own website! No wonder gals young and old (we're looking at you Delta Goodrem) alike totally drool over the youngest JoBro.

So what say you, Awful readers? Whose tush can you not stop thinking about?

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Which star has the best derriere?
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