Last month, Evan Rachel Wood outed herself (and Ryan Gosling) as hardcore fans of Justin Bieber, even going as far as admitting that footage existed of the two costars singing and dancing to some Bieber tunes.

We know we weren't alone in wondering how long it would take for the video to surface—luckily, the wait appears to be over.

Sure, this isn't video of that specific Bieber love fest, but the actress provided us with the next best thing on what turned out to be a pretty newsworthy episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, proving her Justin fan credentials by rocking the mic and belting out the pop star's biggest hit.

"Being a Justin Bieber fan was not in the cards," she said of her surprising fandom, saying that she initially only went to see Never Say Never so that she could make fun of it with her friends.

"The guys got an amazing story, he's a talented kid," she went on, saying she is now "unashamed" of her Belieber status.

"You can't take yourself so seriously all the time. I love Portishead, I love Radiohead, I love the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, but I love Justin Bieber."

And with that, she put her money where her mouth is, grabbing a Bieber-esque jacket, mic and swooshing her bangs into a particularly Justin coif before belting out—pretty impressively, as it happens—"Baby, Baby, Baby."

Guess it's never too late to catch Bieber fever.

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