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So who is the latest Glee star flashing some serious skin for the camera? It's Naya Rivera, who plays bitchy Santana, and she is one hot high schooler/24-year-old!

Naya is featured in the November issue of FHM, where she isn't wearing much, just some skivvies and a shirt. Check it out. Does this remind you of anything?

Say, maybe another highly controversial magazine spread with some of the Glee cast?

Sure does.

Like the GQ photoshoot with Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron that caused all that fuss

The GQ article caught all sorts of backlash from The Parent Television Company (PTC) for having these wannabe high schoolers in front of their lockers and in their underwear in what they called near pornographic poses.

Now, whether or not you agree, the PTC was p.o'd! Of course, GQ bitched back defending their lollipops-and-lockers shoot and the cast members, who they pointed out were all in their 20s.

So why hasn't this group totally freaked out over these even sexier pics? Maybe they haven't seen them yet? Or do they just not care as much about Naya? 

Now we know, dear Glee fans, that this may seem a little harsh, but we just don't see the reasoning. So you tell us what you think by clicking your mouse!

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Why doesn¿t Naya get the same parental backlash Lea did?
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