Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Dear Ted:
What a great day! "My boyfriend is English." Do you think Kristen Stewart said it on purpose? Or she just blurted it out without thinking because it's so natural for her? Anyway, now there's no way they can deny their relationship. But I'm sure the haters will all say she was referring to someone else. Maybe Tom Sturridge. LOL.

Dear Captain Obvious:
Please, I give K.Stew way too much credit for this to just be a plain dumb slip. She's a crafty chick who knows exactly what she's doing—and it worked. Look at all of us getting in a tizzy over her dropping the B-word! That will surely shut up the breakup rumor mongers, no?

Dear Ted:
Why would Leonardo DiCaprio's reps who historically never comment on his personal life suddenly comment on the end of this relationship? Is this proof that PR people were the reason they were together?

Dear Loose Lips Sink Ships:
These two paraded around like love-sick teenagers everywhere from Disneyland to Australia, and paps followed Blake's every move. Bottom line? A very public romance requires some comment on an equally public break-up. Leo knew Blake's type when the dude got involved—perhaps he'll stick to models now?

Dear Ted:
I'm just following up on your recent revelation that Altar-Ego Salami did get married and is still cheating on his clueless sweetie. My question is, what was Salami's motivation for getting married in the first place? Is he just playing the fame game? Or did he have good intentions to begin with?

Dear Horny Hubby:
The mister is in love with the wifey, all right, but that doesn't mean he's not in lust with a buncha other chicks, too.

Dear Ted:
There are two H'wood young guns that I don't get at all: Kellan Lutz and Channing Tatum. I am missing the appeal completely! They're practically the same person! Bod, yes. Face, eh. Acting, non-existent. So do tell, do either have BV monikers? I am baffled as to their continued employment. I say both are timing out at 13 minutes of their 15 minutes of fame. Am I right?
Tatum Lutz Stunned

Dear Separated at Birth:
What are you blind, babe? 'Cause these two hunks are hot. And their Vicey deeds are even hotter. Hate to break it to ya, but neither is going anywhere anytime soon. Channing is rolling on Magic Mike (can't wait!) and Kellan has two more Breaking Dawn flicks yet to hit theatres.

Dear Ted:
Is Jennifer Lawrence still Vice-free? Some people on your comments section are making some accusations that don't mesh with your previous response about the whole cast still being well-behaved...I think she embodies what a young actress should be: grounded, well-spoken, friendly, and approachable.
Still Dirt-Free?

Dear All Talk No Action:
You can't always believe what you read, babe. Jennifer is definitely Vice free—and the farthest one in that cast from earning a moniker of her own, to boot.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge Dianna Agron fan, the girl is an amazing actress! But I've become a little worried recently. She seemed to be absent from the American Horror Story premiere most of the other Glee cast went to, and last night she was one of the only ones who didn't tweet about how great the episode is. Is something wrong? Could Quinn Fabray be heading for an early departure from McKinley High? Or am I just reading way too into things? Thanks!

Dear Two Steps Ahead:
I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Dianna ditched the Glee scene after this season. It doesn't take a genius to at least wonder if she's anxiously waiting for her swan song.

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