Told you it was scary.

American Horror Story, the "psycho-sexual" series from Glee masterminds Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck, premiered tonight after many, many weeks of buzz and claims that it was unlike anything audiences had seen before.

So did it blow your mind? Or just…?

One thing we can definitely say about AHS, it really is unlike anything you have seen before on television. And if you watched this show with eyes wide open, well, you might wanna go get your head checked.

Clearly, the pilot episode had a lot going on. Haunted house, crazy neighbor, creepy basement, murders, affairs, …we could go on and on. And clearly, so can the show, because we've got a lot of questions after the premiere. But Murphy promised that by episode three, we're going to have plenty of answers. 

You're biggest problem with the show might be "Why don't they hightail the crap outta that house if it's causing this many problems?" That's a valid concern. We've seen episode two, and we can tell you that the next episode will definitely address all that. And according to the show's creators, the episodes after that could reveal that maybe the house has chosen them. (So very Lost.)

A strong cast (Connie Britton, we can't quit you!) and intriguing premise could rope in any horror movie buff, and maybe viewers who didn't even know they could enjoy a trippy television show might keep tuning in. Plus, lots of impressive guest stars (hey Zachary Quinto!) have arcs coming up. And Jessica Lange can just pick up her Emmy now.

After all the hype and creepy-awesome promos, was AHS everything you thought it would be? More importantly, is it worth keeping around?

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American Horror Story?
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