The Playboy Club, Amber Heard, Eddie Cibrian

John Russo/NBC

As if there wasn't enough bad news that The Playboy Club cast and crew had to deal with...

On the same day the 1960s drama was canceled by NBC, the show's star, Eddie Cibrian suffered a serious injury on the set of the drama, his rep confirms to E! News.

Cibrian was on set Tuesday night on the West Side of Chicago shooting a scene, when the accident occurred.

The 38-year-old actor was running down an alley, near the show's HQ at Cinespace Studios. His right foot got caught under a 200-pound steel door, slicing open his lower leg and foot and requiring an emergency room visit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

That sent wife LeAnn Rimes into action mode, scrambling to catch a flight to tend to her banged-up beau.

"My husband is hurt...stitches in his Achilles! going hom...nurse Le Le on the red eye :)" she tweeted late last night.

Apparently LeAnn's nursing skills are working, because Cibrian is on the mend.

"He is doing OK, though," his rep tells E! News. "Thanks for checking." (You're welcome. Get better, Eddie.)

But why was Cibrian on set filming if the show's already been pulled after the third episode?

The show's production company plans to continue filming on the series for five more days. The goal is to finish a total of six episodes in hopes the series may picked up by another network. The

And a certain inspiration for the series has an idea where The Playboy Club might thrive.

"I'm sorry NBC's The Playboy Club didn't find its audience," Playboy grand poohbah Hugh Heftner tweeted Tuesday. "It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience."

Although he didn't appear directly (the younger verison of him was only glimpsed from behind), Hef did provide a voiceover for the show.

And even if The Playboy Club isn't picked up elsewhere, we probably haven't seen the last Hollywood take on his Bunny business. Hefner says there is interest in a "major motion picture" on his life.

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