Ryan Gosling

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Dear Ted:
Ryan Gosling
used to date these shy girl-next-door types. Now he dates the more outgoing, public party-gals. With Eva Mendes, he seems to have returned to his preference for women who are older and brunette, though. Please give us your point of view, is there a connection we don't see between these women, or has he changed preferences in some way?

Dear Get In Line:
Sounds to me like Ry Ry's just playing the field...don't knock it 'til you've tried it, right? No one said he had to stick to one type, though it's pretty clear he gravitates towards smart brunettes. He just happens to like his latest version with killer curves, can you blame him?

Dear Ted:
How much do Britney Spears' reps pay you?

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Dear Nice Try:
Whatcha got against Britney? Besides a sold-out tour and a No. 1 single, girl hasn't been reverting to her crazy ways just yet. And we love our Brit, either way, regardless. Also, haven't you heard? I'm famously on Summit's payroll for such extravagant sums, I'm hardly in need of any more graft!

Dear Ted:
I love your casting of Lindsay Lohan in Valley of the Dolls. It is crazy with potential, and LiLo used to be crazy with acting chops. However, I don't think any television show has the manpower to keep Lindsay from being...well Lindsay! If I'm not mistaken, a TV star needs to be on time, memorize her lines, look good under constant harsh lighting, and depending on the budget, she might need to make do with a very small trailer that might be shared with a costar. Still think Linds could make it on a TV series? Speaking of desperate choices, your Portia Vajazzle Blind Vice has me really confused. My guesses are all over the board. Could you please narrow it down, grace us with a kindly hint oh-mighty Ted, is Portia actually a battle-scarred know-it-all in her 30s, and does she have children?

Dear Desperation:
Something tells me our gal Lindz would make do with a fifth of a trailer if she got cast in a highly visible project at this point—don't think the girl's that far gone yet. Nor is Portia, who's only begun to earn her battle scars, dear, only begun.

Dear Ted:
How can a huge gay advocate like Ellen be such good friends with so many people who are rumored to be gay, in the closet and in beard relationships? I would think that would just drive her nuts, but it really does seem like she is good friends with some of the these people. Or is it all about business/appearances?

Dear No Business Like Show Business:
If anyone knows what it's like to be closeted in the biz, it would be Ellen. Sure, she came out in a public way, but she's never shied away from admitting its difficulties—nor is she about to push anybody else to do as she did. Inspire, maybe, but never push.

Dear Ted:
Did you hear about the new possible romance between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds? According to witnesses who tweeted on the train and in Boston, Blake seems to find Boston and Ryan quite interesting. I wonder how long she'll be staying over...

Dear Gossip Girl:
Seeing as a rep for Blake just confirmed that her summer fling with Leo is officially dunzo, it seems a Green Lantern reunion might be just the thing to mend poor S's broken heart. I adore how Blake dates just like a man, don't you?

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